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Manual entries become a thing of the past!

Kasfia’s Accounting Services House is managed by Kasfia Rashid, a professional accountant who aims to bridge the gap between CPAs and small business owners using Knowledge to build Abilities, hone Skills and create lifelong Habits. She has been in the accounting industry since 2004; starting in a CPA firm while earning her accounting accounting degree and ending her corporate career in the hedge fund industry.

As an automation expert, Kash can automate your bookkeeping processes using QuickBooks Online. This will free up hours of time to work on your business while providing audit-worthy financial statements that you can use to make better and wiser decisions.

Kash is here to go above and beyond to deliver results for her clients. Her no-nonsense attitude combined with a no-judgment approach creates a safe environment. She understands that discussing money is difficult but will make sure you will never feel judged. Kash is here to bring the expertise of a corporate back office accounting manager to your small business.

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