Nicole Reed-Nicole Reed Real Estate, Inc.

Kash with Kasfia’s Accounting Services House has changed my life and my business life!  Before I meet Kash my records were a mess! I didn’t have a full account of what I was spending and what type of condition my business was really in!  All I know is I had money coming in and a lot of money coming out! I know for a fact I was leaving money on the table and not writing all my allowable expenses off on taxes because I did a half way job of tracking and maintaining my records!  Now I’m so thankful I have Kash looking over my business, keeping excellent records of what is going in and out of my business! She even set up customized categories specific to my needs and wants so I can have a better handle on the bottom line numbers of my business!  Not only that when tax time comes around not, I’m not stressed out and my CPA loves the facts that all my records are neatly accounted for through QuickBooks and can easily access Kash with any questions that may arise! If you or anyone you know is looking for someone who knows their stuff and a system that can help you better track your business, then Kasfia’s Accounting Services House is the way to go!!